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Jewish Book Council author questionnaire

Below you will find Michael Wex’s author questionnaire he completed for the Jewish Book Council. What’s your favorite quotation? “Are you coming out of that bathroom sometime today?” (My father) What’s the best single piece of advice about writing that you’ve ever gotten? Get a big wastebasket and don’t be afraid to use it (I […]

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Haaretz interview

Earlier this month Wex was interviewed about How to Be a Mentsh (and Not a Shmuck) by David Green, editor of Haaretz newspaper’s Books section. It has just been published as part of Haaretz’s November books supplement. The interview is reproduced in full below. A conversation with Michael Wex Scholar and popularizer of Yiddish, whose […]

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The Mentsh Maker

This week Wex is on the road again – for the final push in the Jewish Book Council tour. If you’re in Rockland County New York, Cherry Hill New Jersey, New Haven Connecticut, Rockville Maryland or Las Vegas Nevada you can come and see Wex talk live about How to Be a Mentsh and get […]

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Getting the Shmootz on Yiddish

A couple of months after Born to Kvetch came out, Wex was asked to be on Terry Gross’s Fresh Air show on NPR. This interview has been replayed many times – we hope you enjoy it too. Click here to hear the interview in its entirety.

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