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Bobe Mayses: Yiddish Knights and Other Impossibilities

Yiddish Summer Weimar 2016 seeks puppeteers, performers, actors, dancers, musicians, singers, story tellers, circus folk, drag performers, costume designers and more for the creation of a new interdisciplinary puppet theater/performance piece called “Bobe Mayses: Yiddish Knights and Other Impossibilities” written by none other than Michael Wex. “The project will take place in the OMA (Other […]

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Yiddish: German to spite the Germans

Tomorrow night Wex is giving a lecture at the Mid Manhattan Library as part of Yiddish New York. A look at how and why Jews living in German-speaking areas turned a thoroughly Christianized language into a vehicle for Jewish ideas and values. Although Yiddish shares most of its vocabulary with German, it was never really […]

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Yiddish New York Cabaret

They want me to appear as a Yiddish-speaking Christ child. Come out and see if it happens. Shpet & Shmutsik Kosher Kabaret (Pork Half Off!) presents: Tsu Dayn Geburtstog — A Big Birthday Bash for Yoyzl with Shane Baker and Miryem-Khaye Seigel Special guest: Michael Wex Piano Marilyn Lerner Nothing screams Kratsmekh like a good […]

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You say knaidel, I say kneydl….

From Mrs. Wex: When Arvind Mahankali won the Scripps National Spelling Bee by correctly spelling the word “knaidel”, the celebration I had anticipated never materialized. I envisaged universal excitement at the fact that a Yiddish word was partly responsible for earning a kid $30,000. Instead my Facebook feed was filled with angry Yiddishists arguing about […]

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Indiegogo campaign starts next week

We are thrilled to announce that Wex is about to enlist reader support for a translation of a classic Yiddish novel that he wants to publish free of charge. It will exist only on line and as a cost-free PDF or e-book. “I’m going to try to finance it as an Indiegogo project,” he says. “The […]

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Like a Cossack in a sukkeh

It must be this year’s yontoyvim, because it sure isn’t my fault. First I lose my position as gabbai for giving hagbeh to a trombenik on Rosh Hashana and now I’m stuck in England, watching rain filter through the roof of one of my in-law’s sukkes while being told, quietly but often, that the proper […]

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