Bobe MaysesYiddish Summer Weimar 2016 seeks puppeteers, performers, actors, dancers, musicians, singers, story tellers, circus folk, drag performers, costume designers and more for the creation of a new interdisciplinary puppet theater/performance piece called “Bobe Mayses: Yiddish Knights and Other Impossibilities” written by none other than Michael Wex.

“The project will take place in the OMA (Other Music Academy) in Weimar the summer of 2016. Participants will form an ensemble with New York-based award-winning director Jenny Romaine and a team of puppet builders, text by the New York Times best-selling author Michael Wex, and music by the director of Yiddish Summer Weimar, Alan Bern, together with Early Jewish Music specialist Avery Gosfield.”

Are you an artist that wants to claim your storytelling power? To use your body and music practice to build analysis with your neighbours while busting out jaw-dropping great art?

Then check out the website and apply by March 1st!