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Yiddish Curses With Bones

Serious cursing, with no underlying spirit of fun, includes expressions such as yemakh shmoy, “may his name be blotted out”, a phrase as deadly serious as Yiddish gets. It isn’t cute or funny or terribly memorable in translation; it isn’t an insult or an expression of distaste or impatience. It’s a real curse, and seeks […]

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Yiddish Curses – Body Parts and Physical Afflictions

Human anatomy receives considerable attention in Yiddish cursing and, just like leprosy, Yiddish curses cover the whole body from the ground up: fardreyen zolstu mit di fis–may your feet be twisted krikhn zolstu afn boykh–may you crawl on your belly zol dir platsn di gal–may your gall-bladder burst zol dir dreyen farn nopl–may you be […]

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Yiddish Curses – a Reversal of Fortune

“You should own a thousand houses, with a thousand rooms in each house, and a thousand beds in every room. And you should sleep each night in a different bed, in a different room, in a different house, and get up every morning, and go down a different staircase, and get into a different car, […]

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Yiddish Cursing as a Form of Recreation

When two Yiddish speakers confront each other as adversaries, the Yiddish equivalents of “drop”, “get”, and “screw” will be nowhere in evidence. In a culture defined by dissatisfaction and debate, even vengeance turns into an argument, an escalating series of “Oh, yeahs?” in which either party threatens the other with things over which neither has […]

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Yiddish Curses – an Introduction

Using Yiddish curses effectively isn’t a matter of yelling out bad words; the trick is to put good ones together in the most damaging possible way. It’s a pastime, an invitation to a dialogue, a form of recreation that lets standard Yiddish thought and speech run wild. Many curses involve a reversal of fortune; the […]

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