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Got a Yiddish or Jewish question? This is the place to look first for all your answers.

Micah Mushmelon cartoon

We were recently contacted with a comment on Micah Mushmelon: The little Micah Mushmelon graphics are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! I love him already. (From Mrs. Wex) Thanks! I’ll let you in on a little secret – my Dad drew him. He’s a graphic designer and cartoonist in England and I sent him some photos of Belzer […]

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“Born to Kvetch” FAQs

We get a lot of mail. We get a lot of questions. You would think that the most obvious one would be: “How did you ever come to write Born to Kvetch?” You’d be wrong. The question I get asked the most is: Is that you (Michael Wex) on the front cover of Born to […]

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Laverne and Shirley

Here’s one version of a question I get a lot: On the TV show Lavern & Shirley they start the opening with the words (not sure of the spelling) Shlimeel and Shlimazel. Gary Marshall explained that a Shlimeel is a person that spills soup, a Shlimazel is the person he spill the soup on. I […]

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Yiddish Transliteration

A note on the transliteration and pronunciation of Yiddish. Much of the Yiddish that appears on this website has been transliterated according to the system of YIVO , the Yidisher Visnshaftlikher Institut. It’s the only system in general academic and scholarly use, and has been adopted by virtually all libraries that hold Yiddish-language materials. The […]

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