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Teach Washington a Lesson – in Yiddish

Send your least favorite senator or congressperson a signed copy of How To Be a Mentsh (and Not a Shmuck), with or without your compliments. All you have to do is click on the Paypal button and send us a name. There’s no limit to the number of copies that a senator or congressperson can […]

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Chocolate Gelt!

Who doesn’t love Chanukah gelt? And here’s a company that specializes in shipping Chanukah chocolate, party favours, Purim supplies and much more! Chocolategelt.com is located in Long Island, NY. FedEx picks up from them every day (except in the summer months when they don’t ship any perishable items) which allows them to ship orders immediately […]

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Pop Judaica

We love Pop Judaica – they have the funkiest, funniest, coolest Judaica around! (They’ve also stocked Wex’s books so we heart them big time.) Pop Judaica describe themselves an online retailer that caters to the Jewish demographic. They are dedicated to providing you with funny Jewish gifts that will make you giggle and smile about […]

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Kosher innovations

Rosh Hashanah is coming soon and here’s a great resource for gifts for friends who are observant. Kosher Innovations re a small Jewish company based out of Toronto. whose goal is to invent and market creative products that benefit the observant Jewish community (i.e. those who keep kosher and shabbes etc.). They describe themselves as […]

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