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The Pre-Rosh Hashanah shnor season

Now that the warm weather has finally arrived and Jews who lead traditional lives have embarked on the Three Weeks of mourning that precede Tisha b’Ov, the Ninth of Av, the day when both Temples were destroyed, the pre-Rosh Hashana shnor-season is nearly upon us.

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Yiddish as a Political Language

If this trend continues, I could be the next Mayor. Sam Roberts at the New York Times contacted me and asked me to comment on the war of (Yiddish) words between Mayor Bloomberg and State Senator Hiram Monserrate

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Life is Just One Long Trip to the Toilet

At the beginning of November 2007 Wex gave a lecture at the San Francisco Jewish Book Fair based on his book Just Say Nu. Joe Eskenazi (who reviewed Born to Kvetch for J Weekly and described Wex as “stunningly, uproariously, laugh-out-loud- and-make-everyone-on-the-train-think-you’re-a-lunatic funny”) describes Wex’s take on life. “People say ‘Oh, Yiddish is obsessed with […]

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Advice for Mel Gibson

Vos bay a nikhtern af der lung iz bay a shikern af der tsung, “What’s in a sober person’s lung is on the drunk one’s tongue”: people who have had too much to drink don’t know which of their thoughts should remain unspoken. Just ask Mel Gibson

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