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Yiddish New York Cabaret

They want me to appear as a Yiddish-speaking Christ child. Come out and see if it happens. Shpet & Shmutsik Kosher Kabaret (Pork Half Off!) presents: Tsu Dayn Geburtstog — A Big Birthday Bash for Yoyzl with Shane Baker and Miryem-Khaye Seigel Special guest: Michael Wex Piano Marilyn Lerner Nothing screams Kratsmekh like a good […]

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Deli Man screenings in Toronto

If you’re in Toronto, now’s your chance to see Erik Anjou’s film, Deli Man, at the Bloor Cinema. Zane Caplansky will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday purveying deli and explaining anything that you might not understand. If you look closely, you can see me in the film, too, something not even Zane can explain. […]

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Shut Up and Eat

Call now to make sure there’s something left for you at Shut Up and Eat, a February 8 of Jewish food, music and words at the Windup Bird Cafe, 382 College Street, Toronto, featuring poet Ronna Bloom, musician Jonno Lightstone and sexagenarian heart-throb Michael Wex. The show starts at 6:30 and features a $30/person prix […]

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A Tabernacle in Scandinavia

If you’re in Oslo at Sukkos-time– and whoever isn’t, as the Talmud says, wishes that they were –drop by the Jewish Museum on Wednesday, October 8, at 6 p.m, when the Bente Kahan Foundation is sponsoring a lecture that I’ll be giving–in English–about Yiddish. http://jodiskmuseumoslo.no/foredrag-michael-wex-om-jiddishe-uttrykk/

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Lastborn of Egypt, part 18

“Yes, I know the dentist,” said Moses, whose eye went immediately to where Neshi was standing with muti. “He’s one of us now. You have no more authority over him.” Everybody fell silent. The archers pulled the strings of their bows back and pointed their arrows at Moses. Ramesses motioned to them to stop. The […]

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Lastborn of Egypt, part 17

A few days later, on the march We waited four days to get out of town, sat and waited until our part of the line started moving. El be praised, Snofru’s division received orders to patrol the line of walkers and keep the peace, so Snofru was able to go back and forth and see […]

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Lastborn of Egypt, part 16

The day after I don’t think it’s ever going to stop. They’ve all gone on with their mourning and Neshi goes on staring straight ahead like he’s been hit with a hammer, looking but not really seeing. His recovery was temporary and strictly practical: he’s so worried about keeping muti safe and protected in all […]

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Lastborn of Egypt, part 15

I’d like to say goodbye­­––to Ehye. Killing Herya was bad enough. Destroying the lives of two entire peoples, I guess that wasn’t enough for him. I mean, face it: Mitsrayim isn’t much more than a ruin right now. It’s a country the way a country that’s just lost a major war is a country. It’s […]

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