Win a Free Book, Courtesy of Donald Trump

ALL IS NOT LOST: WIN A FREE BOOK, COURTESY OF DONALD TRUMP   I hate playing cards and have never been to a horserace in my life, but now that a one-time casino owner has become the most powerful person on earth, I’m ready to get in on the action by sponsoring the...

Little Me in the NYT

Nothing too fancy here, but check out my review of Esther Schor’s Bridge of Words in the New York Times Book Review. Am I the first person ever to describe Esperanto as “Yiddish for goyim?”...
Let’s Eat!

Let’s Eat!

  Just click on Passover when you get to the CFRB 1010 page to hear me talking about Passover with deli legend Zane Caplansky, chef Eyal Liebman, and sommelier Rebecca Meir-Liebman on Zane’s weekly Let’s Eat program.