Michael Wex and Henry Sapoznik yuck it up at KlezKamp

All three Wexes enjoy nothing better than spending Christmas in a kosher hotel in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York immersing themselves in Yiddish culture.

And now the New York Times has taken an interest.

In the feature article “No Need to Kvetch, Bubala, Yiddish Lives on in Catskills” Joseph Berger highlights the work done by founder Henry Sapoznik to keep Yiddish culture alive by offering over 50 courses taught by experts in the field such as Wex, Adrienne Cooper, Steve Weintraub and Pete Sokolow.

Marilla Wex and Sarah Gordon - co-directors of the children's program at KlezKamp

He also notes that second and third generations of kampers now teach and attend KlezKamp, mentioning Mrs. Wex’s partner in crime and co-director of the children’s program, Sarah Gordon (daughter of Adrienne Cooper).

You can read the article in its entirety here.

There is still time to register for this incredibly rich, super-fun festival. Go to the Living Traditions website and sign up today.

The friends you make at Kamp are friends for life.