We are delighted to see that Frumkiss is being recommended by a complete stranger on the CBC’s Canada Reads section of their website.

The CBC invites members of its virtual book club to provide reviews and recommendations for fellow visitors to the books section of their website.

It’s one thing to find kind words on Amazon from friends who have read your book. It’s quite another when people you don’t know are telling everyone to read it.

We particularly appreciate that Ms. Turnsek doesn’t reveal the giant plot twist in Frumkiss that renders a first reading pointless. Here’s the quote from the CBC’s website:

Sandra Turnsek recommends: The Frumkiss Family Business by Michael Wex

“Set in and around Toronto through the forties to present day, The Frumkiss Family Business explores the lives of the grown grandchildren of a prolific Yiddish actor and writer. Told in a style that reminds me of Woody Allen’s Radio Days, this book made me laugh out loud as I followed these dysfunctional family members while they tried to locate their unique identities.”