We get a lot of mail. We get a lot of questions. You would think that the most obvious one would be: “How did you ever come to write Born to Kvetch?”

You’d be wrong. The question I get asked the most is:

Is that you (Michael Wex) on the front cover of Born to Kvetch?

No, I was never that happy.

I noticed in the excerpt (of Born to Kvetch on Amazon) you relate the origins of Yiddish to Biblical times. Why if Yiddish came out of a North German dialect perhaps a thousand years ago why does it use Hebrew characters rather than the letters used in English or German?

Jews didn’t go to the church-run schools attended by any non-Jews who went to school. They went only to Jewish schools, where Hebrew was the only language studied.

We also get random stuff. Here is a sample of the sort of thing that pours in on a daily basis. Although we have deleted the signature for legal reasons, we would like to stress the fact that this is a real email and appears to have been meant sincerely. If we could make this stuff up, we’d be making a lot more money.

Shalom Michael! I have been enjoying your book “Born to Kvetch” as my grandparents were Yiddish speakers and my wife is from southern Germany and her dialect is very similar. You wrote something on page 14 that has a profound impact on my life. You stated that modern Judaism is not a biblical religion but a Talmudic religion. Without the Talmud to explain the bible you could be led to Jesus on the cross as easily as to a Bar Mitzvah. Incredible! I am now sure that Yeshua is the Messiah! Why study the books and comments of men who lead us away from G-d when HaShem explained in His own words and description who Messiah is and how he will come. After reading your statement and checking the Bible without reference to Talmud, you were right. The Tanakh DOES lead to Yeshua as Messiah! Thank you Michael Wex for helping me see the truth in the scriptures given by HaShem without the influence of man. Isaiah 52/53, Psalm 118, there are too many scriptures to go into but they all point to Messiah! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The email address ended dc.gov. Perhaps a fan in the White House?