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Camp Nayvelt – finally online

Wex is pretty famous for his unique brand of story-telling/stand-up.

Now for the first time online we have a really great recording of his piece "Camp Nayvelt" which describes how he didn't go to the progressive Yiddish summer camp. It was performed at the 2009 Klezkamp Roadshow as part of the Conney Project on Jewish Arts at the University of Wisconsin.

All of the Klezkamp Roadshow 2009 concert videos can be found here.



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    […] music and Yiddish culture. Over the course of my introductory talk, I happened to tell a joke about my efforts to sneak out of Torah camp in 1969 in order to go to Woodstock. “Look,” said the crowd, “he’s making fun of observant people,” having forgotten that the […]

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