Yes, I’ve finally convinced Wex to have a blog.

But don’t worry – all your old favourites will still be here – they’ll just look a bit spankier, that’s all.

I will gradually be shifting all the old content over to this new site and the old newsletter will be replaced by updates via our RSS feed and email subscriptions. (And if that all sounds Greek to you, don’t worry – just put your email address in the box to the right and follow the instructions – that way you’ll never miss another blog post, bit of news, public appearance or new book publication ever again.)

And if you’d like to offer any suggestions of what you’d like Wex to blog about, please go ahead and leave a reply below – I’m sure once Wex gets the hang of it he’ll be off to the races, but any ideas will be gratefully received!

The picture above is courtesy of photographer Suzanne McLaren.